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Alt.com review

Alt.com review
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 48%
Popular Age 26-32
Profiles 6 350
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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It’s not a big deal to have an alternative sexual orientation. It’s about your satisfaction, right? Hell yeah! But finding someone who shares the same dark fantasies is dire straits-no doubt. You can’t just walk into a dominatrix in the subway – except you have your lucky charm. But with Alt.com, you’d have diverse partners at your fingertips – literally.

Alt.com is a dating site that helps you bring all your sexual fantasies to life. Just consider it as a laboratory for sexual adventures. It caters to adults searching for BDSM partners, alternative sexual kinks, and any form of fetish.

So if you are interested in getting to the hilt of all your sexual desires without limits, then Alt.com is all you need!

But first, you need to plunge deep into this review to know what to expect!

What is Alt.com

What is Alt.com

Alt.com made a debut in 1995, and since then, it has thrived in the alternative sexual world. Friend Finder Network inc launched the site. One factor that makes this site peculiar is that it accepts all kinds of sexual orientations and kinks without discrimination.

If you are into BDSM, fetish sex, or if you are merely curious and intend to give it a try, alt.com has a place for you. Even with the most bizarre fetishes, you’d be shocked to realize there are hundreds of people who find your fetish attractive!


How does it work

Alt.com has flawless navigation; all you need to get started is a registration. As soon as you register on the website, you get access to the full site, blogs, explicit videos, and other mind-boggling features. It only takes a search to find a partner or a hookup.

For an accurate match, you have the option of setting stringent parameters for a search. You can search based on gender, body type, age, endowments, last login, etc. Once you find a partner, you’d have to upgrade your membership to start a conversation or receive messages.

Alt.com has more to offer than an accurate search feature. Other noteworthy features make your experience on the site mind-blowing:

Hot or not: it’s equivalent to the swipe feature on tinder and other dating sites. You go through the pictures of other users and decide if each one is hot or not.

My kinks: Getting your kinks customized takes you closer to finding a suitable match with similar kinks. So this might as well be your ticket to finding the “perfect” partner.

Testimonials: it’s a boost of your credibility if other users can vouch for your desirable qualities. This feature affords you this opportunity.

Blings: They are small icons that you can create to give your profile an interesting, cool, or naughty impression.

How does it work


Registration on Alt.com takes just about 5 minutes and five simple steps. Before you can get fully initiated into the alt.com community, you have to register.

Signing up is both chargeless and effort-free. Initially, you’d be asked to specify if you are a couple, group, male, female, or any gender you associate with. Yes, a couple can register on Alt.com when the need for a spiced sexual life arises.

After this, you have to answer personal questions like your role (dom or sub), marital status, sexual orientation, body type, etc. Asides from giving your personal information, you’d be asked to write something about yourself.

You can draw inspiration from the writing ideas available on the site. Once you have written something about yourself, you are just one step away from an active profile. Email verification is the final requirement. For security purposes, you need to verify your email before you can access your profile.

Design and usability

The website design is the first feature to look out for. It’s classy, cool, and easily navigable. There are three colors used on alt.com, and they are the black background, then the yellow and white fonts. The fonts are easily readable.

The structure of the website also makes navigation easy as pie, even for a dating site novice. Despite the representation of numerous features on the alt.com homepage, we must confess that it still looks homey and uncluttered. You can access several features without breaking a sweat. Generally speaking, the aesthetics of the site is simple, plain, and unique.

Profile quality

Profile quality

On every dating or hookup site, your profile determines a lot. While a detailed profile can land you a perfect hookup partner in no time, an incomplete profile can get you acquainted with several inaccurate matches.

Alt.com isn’t an exception; your profile matters a lot. You can choose to complete your profile anytime, and you can decide to leave it at any completion level. One good thing about alt.com is the highly informative profiles of other members.

The truth is, you can find the circumference and width information of the endowment of a male member on his profile. Some even include circumcision information as well. The highly descriptive profiles make it challenging to pick wrongly.

A profile’s detail includes the BDSM role (Sub or dom) and experience level. You can access a user’s MSN, AIM, ICQ username, personality, kinks, BDSM fundamentals, compatibility chart, and many juicy details. One interesting piece of information that you can also view is the result of a member’s purity test.

The purity test requires answering some questions to determine how naughty or innocent a user is. These detailed profiles make it easier to make an informed choice.

However, there is a condition attached to this. You have to subscribe to the gold or silver membership to be able to view the detailed profiles. So a basic membership limits your ability to judge a member by his profile.

It’s also important to fill out your profile so it can be more appealing to other users. In the Alt.com world, it’s normal to judge a book by its cover, so you’d better create one heck of a cover to get attention.

The mobile application

Even with a website adapted to browsers, Alt.com has an app that makes mobile use easily achievable. One major setback is that it’s available on only IOS. Android users have to stick to the website. Although the website bags an award in ease of usability, it is equally plain and simple to navigate.

Aesthetically, the app is simple, attractive, and cozy. The website and app offer the same features, but most users prefer the application to the website. It’s not so difficult to deduce why the application has gained more traffic than the website.

Safety & security

Safety & security

If you are familiar with online dating, you will not be alien to the safety concerns that have ridden online dating since the onset. The notion of safety while online dating is very popular and common.

Some dating sites have measures set in place to cut down on fakes to ensure safety and security. Alt.com is an example. Years ago, alt.com was riddled with safety issues, but with the introduction of more standard security measures, the website’s safety is guaranteed.

There is a standard privacy policy for all Friend Finder Network Inc sites. Consequently, Alt.com had a standard privacy policy that ensures safety and privacy remains a priority. Scam and harassment aren’t handled lightly, and no underage user can be found on the site. When you need to report an account or get solutions to an issue, you can contact Alt.com customer support.

However, your safety and security is a collective responsibility, so you have your path to playing. It’s still important to take all online dating safety measures seriously. But generally speaking, Alt.com is safe.


One major complaint about Alt.com is that it’s pricey. Getting a gold or silver membership might be expensive, but you’d be sure of getting a bang for your buck. But really, how cool is it to finally be able to get your sexual adventures on the move? But at what cost? Check out Alt.com pricing details below.

You can either upgrade to a silver or gold membership.

Gold Membership
Duration Cost/Month Total
1 month $29.95 $29.95
3 months $19.99 $59.97
12 months $12.50 $149.97

Silver Membership
Duration Cost/Month Total
1 month $19.95 $19.95
3 months $11.99 $35.97
12 months $8.33 $99.97

To make the most of alt.com, you have to be a silver subscriber or a gold subscriber. Either way, the alt.com subscription is on the pricey side.

Help & support

You’d be shocked at how the alt.com support team would respond to your complaint. There is 24/7 customer support, and the support team is always willing to get to the root of any issue or complaint. However, premium members enjoy prioritization. So a silver or gold membership badge earns you the first-class treatment.


Here are some FAQ that most prospective users consider while making choices. We have answered the questions in detail. Check it out to find out the answer to all your questions.

Is Alt.com safe?

Safety is the first concern of alt.com. This is evident from the strict verification process and the limits placed on some words like “rape.” No form of harassment or scam is allowed on the dating platform. Erring users will be kicked out without a second thought.

Is Alt.com a real dating site?

Yes, it’s a real dating site. With about 500 thousand members, alt.com is one of the top reliable sites. However, it caters to people in search of sexual escapades and adventures. When it comes to hookup match, alt.com never disappoints.

How to use Alt.com ?

Getting conversant with the site is an added advantage. It’s one thing to be a hookup guru; it’s another to know how to wield the advantage effectively. Once you signup, fill in your profile and subscribe. You’d be unstoppable on alt.com!

Is Alt.com free?

Yes and No. Registration is free on Alt.com, and you can set up your profile, add a friend, join a chat room, and upload a picture for free. But you can get more done with a premium account. However, you have the choice to pick either basic or premium membership.

Does Alt.com really work?

It works perfectly and effectively. You can be assured that once you register and upgrade to a premium account, you’d find a suitable match. Provided you filled your profile in detail.



When vanilla sex becomes all boring, and you’ve filled your heads with crazy sexcapades, then you probably need to twitch things a bit. This is exactly what alt.com is for. You don’t have to pretend about what you need on alt.com; just signup, search and locate a match.

If you are in search of a place where your sexual eccentricities are normalized, check out alt.com. You’d be grateful you did because this amazing site is worth every penny and every second spent on it! It’s about time you got on the bandwagon and make all your sexual fantasies a reality.

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