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Caffmos Review

Caffmos Review
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 74%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site provides free registration to all.
  • Age can vary.
  • Intergenerational.
  • Active community.
  • A massive user base.
  • Focuses on meaningful relationships and friendships.
  • There is no maching algorithm. Need to search yourself.

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What Is Caffmos?

The site has been catering to gay people’s needs since 1998, pushing the fourth intergenerational idea of love and finding the ideal partner for you across the globe. When gay rights seemed to be only a dream and their love was viewed as obscene, this site, back in the 90s, had your back and continued to serve millions in the name of love. It was a hermit for gay people who were afraid to express their sentiments in public, avoiding judgemental eyes and mockery. The site is not just a dating site; it is a revolutionary build-up for the gay community, striving to come to the surface. The Caffmos community sees itself as a place for serious relationships and love engagements. However, some people on the internet have called it a scam. Thus, it is our job to dig the reality behind our eyes. See whether the service is worth joining, or it is only an ugly mirage.

Caffmos Review

How Does It Work?

When you reach the site’s homepage, you will come across the “Join Now” button. Existing members can click on log in and simply type their credentials. Newcomers are only required to enter their username (choose something enticing) and their country. Make sure your IP address matches that of your country. In case you are found using a fake address or a fake location, Caffmos will immediately suspend your account. Multiple attempts like this might even lead to suspension of your IP. You can stay rest assured of your details on the platform; Caffmos preserves your secrecy.


When you click on the orange button, you enter a new page with different free fields. This non-optional profile set up a page for the users. The form might seem long but takes only a minute or two to complete. You would not want your partner to have a half-empty profile, would you? The profiles on Caffmos are generally short and perky because the only thing visible to the eyes of the members is the personality of the man. You are required to enter your height, facial description, hair colour, etc. Once registered successfully, you become the Bronze member of the community. Free visitors are called the Bronze members.


Design and Usability

The Caffmos community is focused on gay relationships, and, therefore, no other option is available at the time of indicating your info. Thus, they keep their purpose clear from the beginning. The user base features representatives of all major countries; most of them hail from Canada and the US. You will also see other countries popping in the list occasionally, but variation is not Caffmos’s forte.

  • Rating of profiles

    Caffmos allows you to rate the participants you come across daily, letting people know their place in the dating world. The pages look simple, and there is not much to rate other than the person’s physical appearance.

  • Filter

    The site offers you a unique search feature to narrow down the results. You can use it to connect with other visitors faster.

  • Types of chatting

    The ways of chatting or exchanging emotions include sharing messages, videos, calls, or even video chats.

  • Chatrooms

    One special feature of Caffmos is chatrooms. Members who are looking for active users can directly approach them in chatrooms instead of searching for people through the search bar. Saves time, plus you get what you desire.

  • Events in Caffmos

    Besides serving to boost gay love, the Caffmos community organizes various types of events in Canada and the USA for the community, helping them gain recognition through changing times.

Profile Quality

Although the community asserts global coverage, it seems to focus on the majority from two to three primary countries. Since Caffmos has come a long way, most of the men using it seem to be in their 40s, which is not normal, considering the website’s age. Due to unadvanced technology in the 90s, Caffmos could not work on the web design or audience reach. If you are looking for a specific criterion, you need to indulge sufficient time in the app, going through various profiles one by one. Or the easiest way out to finding your suitable partner is to join chatrooms. Different events conducted by the site also help in discovering new people and their culture.

The age range offered by the site is varied. There are no concrete criteria to register here.

Profile Quality

Mobile Application

Sadly, because of its launch dating back to the 90s, Caffmos could not develop a mobile app to operate on. But ignoring its outdated-ness, it undoubtedly contains some very impressive layouts. It must have been quite an engagement for the gay community back in those times when people would be too cautious to even utter the word “gay.” It might surprise you that the website still does not lag while opening or functioning on any gadget whatsoever. It speaks volumes for the platform’s authenticity.

Safety and Security

Caffmos bears full responsibility for the privacy of its users. All information provided is completely secure and safe to proceed with. It also offers active customer care service to its members through phone or email. The customer care team is available on working days. If not, you can leave a mail and expect a reply within no time. The service is certainly useful.

From the very beginning, Caffmos is clear on its inclination of only serving the gay community and no other form of love. Therefore, there is no other option available.

Safety and Security


The initial subscription of Caffmos is Bronze membership, advised for beginners and people who want to get familiar with the dating world. As you proceed with your journey of finding love and getting more specific with your preferences, Caffmos offers an elaborate plan, which might vary from time to time, depending on the app’s use and exposure. Subscriptions are as follows:

Gold Membership




2 Months

$ 15

1 Year

$ 50

Help and Support

You can easily opt-out of membership by visiting your payment setting on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. In case you want a refund, 10 pounds will get deducted from your account. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, you can also choose to delete your page from Caffmos.


Q – Is the site safe?

A – Yes, the privacy of the users is the priority and is not negotiated in any manner.

Q – Is the brand trustworthy?

A – Yes, considering its age, the brand can be relied upon.

Q – Is it costly?

A – Caffmos is one of the cheapest and best sites available out there.


Is Caffmos Safe?

No matter what you come across on the internet, Caffmos is a legit, existing, and breathing site. Because it was founded in the 90s, its authenticity hardly spares any space for question. However, people have found to be complaining about the integrity of the service and calling it a place for abusers and bullies. Before purchasing the grand plan of subscription, users are advised to opt for the Bronze pack, which comes for free. Most of the platforms attract the unwanted attention of drug-dealers or scammers, but that does not mean it is devoid of real people. Some members also complain about the kind of relationship it offers, some of which are short-lived or fuse out into nowhere. People looking for permanency might find it difficult to cope with the virtual space. There are certain things everyone needs to understand while engaging in this portal of giving and taking. Every dating site has its pros and cons; the purpose behind the creation of such services is never ill. It entirely depends on the users, how they engage, or how they see it. Corruption finds a way, so does the solution.

Is Caffmos a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Caffmos is authentic and can be trusted.

How to Use Caffmos?

Using Caffmos is very easy, even for beginners. You are only required to fill in the registration form with your credentials and preference for a partner. Then, continue to search and look for matches through the “search” option available on the navigation bar.

Is Caffmos Free?

Caffmos offers free registration to its users.

Does Caffmos Really Work?

Caffmos is the most carefully elaborated website for gay lovers, which maintains a strict code for privacy. The gay community is sincerely advised to have a look at this Eden, and maybe, who knows, you might discover your Adam amidst this God-forsaken pool of ordinariness.

Does Caffmos Really Work?


People are struggling with an identity crisis and are denied their individuality; this particular platform has dared to bring the prestige of the gay community to light. For this specific reason, Caffmos deserves a shout out and a higher position in the trajectory of dating sites.

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