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Hot or Not Review 2022

Hot or Not Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 12%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Has helped many people have affairs.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Free for woman.
  • There is no maching algorithm. Need to search yourself.

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Hot or Not was started up some years back as a picture rating website to help you determine how attractive a person is by uploading their photos. There are times when you find it difficult to place how attractive a person is for you, so you may need the third-party opinion in this case. This was what Hot or Not addressed in its early years.

Now that ownership has been passed to Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, Hot or Not functions as a social networking and dating site where you get to meet new friends, send gifts, date online, and meet up.

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What Is Hot or Not?

Hot or Not was launched in 2000 by James Hong and Jim Young, both were engineers who had just graduated from the University of California. After they argued over the attractiveness of a woman passing by, they came up with the idea to create “AmIHotorNot” to rate people based on their pictures on a scale of 1 – 10. The site aims to help you meet new people for friendship, to chat, or to date.

Hot or Not influenced the operation of the bulk of social networks; this includes Facebook and YouTube. It currently has a user base of 384 million users across the globe.

How Does It Work?

Hot or Not works by showing you the profiles of other users judging by your search history. You could register by using any of your accounts on social media. You are required to fill in all the details and accompany it with a few pictures when you’re registering directly on the site.

However, registering through Facebook requires that you authorize Hot or Not on a pop-up window. Your first name is automatically used to give you your profile.

Hot or Not shows you a list of users judging based on your search history, you can either swipe left or right in this case. It also shows you the “People Nearby” feature where you get to see the users that are close to your area.

There are several tools available when you are searching for potential dates to be matched with. You can either search using the encounters feature, people that are close to your location, those who liked you, the ones that visited your profile, and members who are quite popular on the site.

Once you choose a person you like and realize that the feeling is mutual, you can hit them up and start a conversation with them. You’re more likely to secure a date with the crush of your dream.

How Does It Work?


The registration process for the Hot or Not site is straightforward and easy to navigate. Once you visit the website at hotornot.com/feedback, the inquiry into whether you want to create a new account automatically shows up.

You can register using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, Vkontakte, MSN, Odnoklassniki, Handed, and Mail.Ru. Facebook requires authorization through a pop-up window, and about 6-7 from your latest pictures are automatically used to update your profile.

It is easier to register through Facebook, but any of your pictures may be posted without your consent. You will have to fill in your first name, birthday, location, gender, and your purpose for joining. Once you have filled in the fields, you can click on the “Sign up” option.

When you open your account, ensure you upload your best picture and introduce yourself through your biodata so people can know who you are. The most important aspect of Hot or Not is the “Encounters” feature. You have to state your primary purpose for joining the network.


Design and Usability

Most of all, the attributes of Hot or Not are similar to the Badoo site, which is similarly a social networking and dating site. For example, the interface, choice of colors, and type of fonts are the same as that of Badoo.

The website design is a classic topnotch; it is designed in a refined manner as most modern websites. The functions are not clumsy; they are uniquely placed and arranged right on the white background. You also do not need to stress about the purpose of the site; you automatically understand the primary purpose, which is to meet up; it is quite easy to navigate.

Hot or Not uses a swiping method. It is, in fact, the first social network that employed this means. After you have been matched with a particular person, you need to be verified before you can chat with them.

To verify your account, you need to connect your Hot or Not account with one social media account and upload a picture with the same pose as at the sample they show you. The site is also minimal and simple and shows a transparent mode of usage. The web designers did a great job in the navigation and general interface. The colors used also blend remarkably.

Design and Usability

Profile Quality

Creating a profile on Hot or Not is a free service offered on the website. The quality of your profile is favorable; you can upload some photos as much as you want to.

You can also save time by checking out a person’s ranking results to know how popular they are. The profiles do not leave out necessary details, although there is a limit to divulging personal information. You can edit any information that you have previously submitted on your profile.

There have been various instances of fake profiles. In attempting to eradicate this, the team at Hot or Not ensures that members verify their accounts before they can chat, and you can recognize verified accounts immediately because of the special effects through blue and white badges. It doesn’t take too long before you confirm your account, it is done as soon as your phone number is confirmed. Just ensure that you do not share your details and credit card details to anyone under any circumstances when you have an encounter with them.

The Mobile Application

You can download the Hot or Not mobile app on Google Play Store or Apple Store. It is user friendly and well optimized. The app also captures the design and workings of the website. The only difference from the site is that it hides your score and other people’s scores as well.

The Mobile Application

Safety and Security

The Hot or Not site is relatively safe. Most of the site’s features are similar to other online dating sites. It is safe in that it guarantees a privacy policy to never meddle in your affairs. The data taken is simply for the verification of your account and your pictures. They try their best to provide you with a high level of safety online by making sure that members verify their accounts. All the details you provide are well secured, and third parties cannot access it.

Hot or Not can only guarantee your safety online; they take this very seriously. You are advised not to dole out your personal or financial details as soon as you suspect any foul play, you can reach out to the Support team through the feedback option. However, when it comes to meetups, you must ensure that you take extra precautions to ensure your safety before having an encounter.

However, you can manage your privacy on Hot or Not by choosing whether you want others to know when you’re online or not. You may also decide to deactivate your public search. Another option is to limit how often your profile shows.

Safety and Security


The app and, most of all, the features go without any charges, but some in-app purchases may attract fees. The free services include: creation of profiles, uploading photos without restrictions, chatting, getting matched, surfing through users’ profiles, and viewing pictures, among others. Women also enjoy an incentive of a free trial period for three days to enjoy some paid features and then decide whether to join the membership or not.

Fee-based services such as undoing your ‘no’ votes, attaining a top spot in search results, frequently showing, giving gifts, using stickers when chatting, and anonymously viewing users’ profiles attract charges. The pricing is tagged at 3.99 USD per week, 12.99 USD / month for 1 month, 10.66 USD / month for 3 months and 8.00 USD / month for 6 months.

You can gain access to all functions using credits to buy certain features and only pay for the ones you used. The credit goes for 3.99$ per week, 12.99$ per month, 31.99$ per 3 months, and 47.99$ per 6 months. You can proceed to buy credits using your Paypal account or app store account, and you can obtain free credits so that your friends can partake, and you can carry them along as well.

Paid subscription gives you a spot at the top; you enjoy the opportunity to see the people that visited your account and liked it.


Help and Support

Hot or Not has the best and fastest support. If you have any complaints regarding an issue, to suggest an idea, general questions, or payment questions, or you need any information, you can leave a comment at hotornot.com/feedback, and You will get a response swiftly.


Is Hot or Not Safe?

On the surface, it appears as a virtual safe website for social networking. A deeper analysis portrays otherwise because there is certain evidence that some persons on the website registered fake profiles.

Is Hot or Not a Real Dating Site?

Certainly, one could say this is the case, although the website states that it is mainly for social networking, to foster friendships, to meet up, and to get to know other users.

How to Use Hot or Not?

You can create a profile on the site and proceed to search for users to chat with, upload your pictures, check through users’ profiles, and have fun.

Is Hot or Not Free?

A few in-app purchases are required, but almost all the available features and the app are free. It is free to use, but you can decide to use their premium services to explore more features because paid membership guarantees you more avenue to find a match.

Does Hot or Not Really Work?

Yes, Hot or Not remains active, although the app has not been very successful in recent times, it is constantly being reformed.



The Hot or Not site is excellent, and one should try out its amazing features. It is excellent and worth users’ time. You can make use of it to foster relationships, network, and communicate with other people, meet new friends, date, and have fun. It is also hilarious and helps you have an awesome time, flirt, and find a partner, with new features added yearly to renew your experience.

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